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Southwestern Virginia Mental Health Institute 

Virginia Highlands Local Human Rights Committee

SWVMHI is committed to providing an effective rights protection and advocacy system for clients.  

SWVMHI employees will work cooperatively with clients and their family members, the staff of the Office of Human Rights, the Local Human Rights Committee (LHRC), and the State Human Rights Committee (SHRC) to enhance the nature  and quality of services provided to clients.  

What Is a Local Human Rights Committee?

A Local Human Rights Committee (LHRC) is comprised of volunteers who represent mental health, mental retardation and substance abuse services, professional groups and consumer groups.  The committee's responsibility is to perform certain functions under the state Human Rights Regulations.  The State Human Rights Committee appoints the LHRC members for a term of three years after consultation with the Commissioner for the state Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.

The LHRC plays a vital role by:  1) conducting fact finding hearings and making recommendations for resolution of complaints not resolved formally or informally by staff; 2) reviewing and making recommendations concerning policies, procedures, practices, treatment plans and restrictive programming; 3) reviewing and making recommendations concerning requests for variance to the Human Rights Regulations; and 4) performing other oversight functions according to the Local Human Rights Committee By-laws.

The Virginia Highlands Local Human Rights Committee's 2012 schedule of meetings is posted below: 

Southwestern Virginia Mental Health Institute

Virginia Highlands Local Human Rights Committee

 2012 Meeting Schedule


Virginia Highlands Local Human Rights Committee

2012 Meeting Schedule

3rd Tuesday Noon

Conference Room 106, SWVMHI Henderson Building

 (unless otherwise noted)

 For additional information:

     Contact Nan Neese, Regional Human Rights Advocate, at (276)783-1219 

or VA toll free (877) 600-7434

Or Christy Bise, Executive Secretary, at (276) 783-1202  

Meeting Date

Agenda Deadline


January 17, 2012

New date TBD

January 3, 2012


SWVMHI C Building Conference Room


March 20, 2012

March 6, 2012




May 15, 2012

May 1, 2012




July 17, 2012

July 3, 2012




September 18, 2012

September 4, 2012





November 20, 2012


November 6, 2012



For the Provider-Affiliates:

In accordance with the State Human Rights Committee’s Guidance, Providers will need to complete the Annual and Quarterly Reports for inclusion in the LHRC Agenda packets.

January 15, 2012   Provider’s 2011 Annual Report
January 3, 2012   Provider’s 2011 4th Quarterly Report   (Oct 1 – Dec 31, 2011) 
May 1, 2012  Provider’s 2012 1st Quarterly Report   (Jan 1 – March 31, 2012)
September 4, 2012  Provider’s 2012 2nd Quarterly Report   (April 1 – June 30, 2012)
November 6, 2012    Provider’s 2012 3rd Quarterly Report   (July 1- Sept 30, 2012)
2013     Provider’s 2012 4th Quarterly Report   (Oct 1- Dec 30, 2012)

Meeting Minutes

November 9, 2011



The Virginia Highlands LHRC has an opening for a new member.  If you are interested in serving, please call 276-783-1202 to express your interest and obtain the necessary application forms.  


July 27, 2011
June 9, 2011
May 27, 2011
April 27, 2011
Meeting minutes from 2007 - 2010

LHRC Membership

We are always interested in hearing from individuals who have an interest in serving as members.  If you would like to find out more information about the LHRC, or for inquires regarding committee membership and vacancies, contact Dr. Cynthia McClaskey, Director (276) 783-1201 or Nan Neese, Regional Human Rights Advocate toll free (877) 600-7434 or (276) 783-1219.  A personal interview is required of all applicants for committee membership, and final decisions regarding appointments are made by the State Human Rights Committee.



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